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Carpet Backing Fabric

Carpet Backing Fabric

Designed with self-crosslinking performance, the artificial leather product quality more perfect.
Product specifications and descriptions

Styrene-butadiene latex for carpet backing fabric

This series of products are mainly used for carpet backing adhesion. Compared with the existing products, it can provide excellent adhesion properties and formula stability, to fully meet customer's demands. We can also provide complete after-sales service and comprehensive technical support for customers.

1. Performance Advantages

1.Good stability, and have excellent compatibility and dispersion with fillers during the use, and it is applicable for high-strength mechanical agitation.

2.Good fluidity and easy to coat.

3. Large adhesive force, and no picking of carpet coating , with good stability, besides, it has self-crosslinking* performance, to improve the dry peeling strength and wet peeling strength between the carpet and the backing.

4. Moderate hardness; and the carpet made having good feeling.

5. Less residual volatile matters; and the carpet made having minimal smells.

2. Technical Parameters


Product Solid Content % pH Value ViscositymPa·s Glass Transition Temperature(theory) ℃ Formal dehyde Film Forming Characteristic Safety Feature
BS-550 48.5~49.0 7.0~7.5 <300 -11 ●Trace The soft latex is dry at room temperature and can form a soft and transparent film.  
BS-566 48.5~49.0 7.5~8.0 <300 18 ●Trace The hard latex is dry at room temperature and can form a hard and transparent film.  


Note:The storage and transportation are the same as general chemicals. It can be stored in a dry and ventilated place. Shelf life: 6 months, packing mode: tank car, 1t plastic tank, 200kg plastic drum.

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