Lescent (China) Advanced Materials

To become a China's first professional production of styrene butadiene latex series of private enterprises.

Company was founded in 1994, is a private chemical enterprise, started to fine chemical products, then the all-round butyl benzene latex series product research and development and production.
In early 1997, the company factory production, become the first domestic private enterprise specializing in the production of butyl benzene latex series, products of good quality and good stability, and form a complete set of perfect after-sales service, obtained the customer consistent high praise.
In March 1998 the company passed the technical appraisal of economy commission of guangdong province, and won the third prize, new products in guangdong province in 1998 to fill the gaps in the province in the product, quality reached domestic advanced level.
Company after years of butyl benzene latex series product research and development and continuous development, the peripheral market expansion in 2003, a new production workshop, has two production lines, the total capacity of up to 40000 tons per year.
In 2006 the company won the award for the guangdong province famous trademark "Yue Guan", good reputation attracted many manufacturers of all ages.
According to market research, the company in 2010, the environmental protection butyl benzene latex series product research and development, and in 2012 started production, product quality and stability all meet the requirements of all manufacturers, for domestic related businesses of foreign market development.
In February 2013, the company completed the image project, unified the company logo, logo, VI, website domain name, etc., make the company's image towards internationalization, for the brand enterprise culture laid a solid foundation.
Third, fourth stage of the project is planning company, after the completion of production capacity will reach 100000 tons. Some new products will impact the existing market, open up the domestic first.