Lescent (China) Advanced Materials

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Date:Jul 20,2017

Lescent (China) Advanced Materials Co.,Ltd is a private joint-stock chemical enterprise, it is located in the Pearl River Delta, Luo Dongkeng Town southwest of Xinhui District, Jiangmen city. Covers an area of more than 13 square meters, a total investment of about 60000000 yuan. The factory has Beautiful scenery, beautiful environment, adjacent to the Pearl River new expressway Tanjiang River, 5 kilometers away from the export of Cow Bay station, convenient transportation.

The enterprise of chemical industry enterprise polymer polymerization. The product is a new range of materials, high technical requirements. 2003 was a private technology enterprises in Guangdong province in 2004 the title, the use of the trademark "Cantonese crown" won the Guangdong province famous trademark title, its product and in 2005 named the famous product of Guangdong province.