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Bonded Leather

Bonded Leather

It can meet the technological requirements of customers and moderate emulsion stability, the process of using the filler has good compatibility and dispersion, suitable for the production process of high-strength...
Product specifications and descriptions

Carboxylated styrene butadiene latex BS-683

This product is a carboxylic butadiene-styrene latex applied to artificial leather. Compared with existing marketing products, it can provide outstanding adhesion performance and formula stability that entirely satisfies customers’ requirement. We can provide completed after-sales services and comprehensive technical support to our customers.

1. Performance Advantages

1. It has moderate stability of emulsion and has sound compatibility and dispensability with padding during the usage process. It is applicable to high-intensity mechanical stir during the production process. By adding wet strength agent, it can facilitate demulsification and satisfy customers’ requirements on technique.

2. It has big adhesion and has self-crosslinking* performance. Man-mad leather it produces is high in strength.

3. With moderate degree of softness, its leather has elasticity and sound hand feeling.

4. Leather it produces can be piled up on a long-term basis without giving rise to leather braise.

5. The residue volatile matter is scanty that is weak in smell.

* Self-crosslinking refers to the cross-linking reaction of polymers under the condition of not adding cross-linking agent.


2. Technical Parameters


Product Solid Content % pH Value ViscositymPa·s Glass Transition Temperature(theory) ℃ Formal dehyde Film Forming Characteristic Safety Feature
BS-683 50.0~50.5 8.0-8.5 <300 9 ●Trace The soft latex is dry at room temperature and can form a transparent, flexible and tough film.  


Note:The storage and transportation are the same as general chemicals. It can be stored in a dry and ventilated place. Shelf life: 6 months, packing mode: tank car, 1t plastic tank, 200kg plastic drum.

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Bonded Leather

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