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MBS Resin

MBS Resin

Stable form of moderate, can satisfy the graft polymerization in the process of producing series of MBS resin, finished in the graft polymerization of post-treatment process can completely demulsification precipitation...
Product specifications and descriptions

Styrene-butadiene latex for MBS resin

Products of this series are major raw materials to produce PVC impact modifier MBS series resin. MBS series resin is mainly used in PVC processing and modeling. Under the premise of inherent characteristics of lossless PVC resin, it helps improve its shock strength. This product is stable in formula that entirely satisfies customers’ requirement. We can provide completed after-sales services and comprehensive technical support to our customers.

1. Performance Advantages

1. It has moderate stability and can satisfy graft polymerization during the production process of MBS series resin. After the graft polymerization is done, demulsification can be entirely separated out.

2. Performance indexes of MBS series resin such as luster, light transmittance, haze and shock strength satisfy the requirement.

2. Technical Parameters


Product Solid Content % pH Value ViscositymPa·s Glass Transition Temperature(theory) ℃ Formal dehyde Appearance Safety Feature
MBS-875 ≥34.5% 9.0—10.0 <300   ●Trace Milky white liquid with blue light  
MBS-879 ≥34.5% ≥7.0 <300   ●Trace Milky white liquid with blue light  


Note:The storage and transportation are the same as general chemicals. It can be stored in a dry and ventilated place. Shelf life: 6 months, packing mode: tank car, 1t plastic tank, 200kg plastic drum

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MBS Resin

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