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Water-Proof Building Cement

Water-Proof Building Cement

Gelation structure, restrain the rapid evaporation of water, slow cement condensation, guarantee the hydration completely, good stability, can be mixed with cement mortar is very good...
Product specifications and descriptions

Styrene-butadiene latex for water-proof building cement

This product is a carboxylic butadiene-styrene latex used by polymer cement that is designed to improve drawbacks of ordinary cement concrete (expansion, low bending strength, high drying shrinkage, proneness to fracturing, resistance against acid-base and other inferior chemical features). Compared with existing products, it can provide fine antiseep property and formula stability that entirely satisfies customers’ requirement. We can provide completed after-sales services and comprehensive technical support to our customers.

1. Performance Advantages

1. The gelation structure checks rapid water evaporation, prolongs cement setting and ensures entire hydration.

2. It has good stability and can soundly blend cement mortar to satisfy customers’ strict requirements on stability of formula.

3. It has outstanding anti-seep property, can effectively fill the crack of mortar and significantly enhance its performance.

4. It has outstanding anti-leakage performance and facilitates construction.

2. Technical Parameters


Product Solid Content % pH Value ViscositymPa·s Glass Transition Temperature(theory) ℃ Formaldehyde Film Forming Characteristic Safety Feature
BS-402 50.0~50.5 8.5-9.0 <300 16 ●Trace The soft latex is dry at room temperature and can form a transparent, flexible and tough film.  


Note:The storage and transportation are the same as general chemicals. It can be stored in a dry and ventilated place. Shelf life: 6 months, packing mode: tank car, 1t plastic tank, 200kg plastic drum, 50kg plastic drum.

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Water-Proof Building Cement

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